Ready for Move-in

As previously mentioned, our homes are designed and built to provide "healthy indoor air quality", and greatly reduces exposure to pollutants, allergens or forest fire smoke.

In addition, our homes offer more value and a more comfortable and healthier living environment.

Thank you for viewing some of our construction process with us for this home.

And yes, this home sold quickly to a wonderful happy couple. 

Read what they have to say at the bottom of the page -

Pacific Ridge Homes Lot200 059

We were attracted to the house after looking at several others, because it was immediately apparent to us that it is extremely well-built, with attention to detail and finish. The quality of construction and its energy efficiency were major selling points for us.  The heating system, set at 60 degrees, didn't get below 63 degrees, even at night.  We appreciate such a tight, well-insulated home.
The floor plan is well thought-out, with good use of the available space. The kitchen space is efficient and workable with plenty of accessible storage; the lit pantry is especially nice.
We love the amount of natural light in every room. The transom windows add elegance, and the extra soffit outside will certainly help to keep direct sunlight out during the height of the summer.
Thank you for your professional, prompt, and kind attention to the minor concerns we had while purchasing the house and even afterwards!
Ryan and Cindy