720 NW Rimrock Drive Redmond Oregon - SOLD

Here we are showcasing some of the progress highlights for our moderized prairie style home 🏡 located at 720 NW Rimrock Drive in Redmond.
The home is located in Canyon Rim Village off NW 19th between Hemlock and Fir.
Directions:  From NW 19th - Turn into Canyon Rim Village on Jackpine - Follow Jackpine to Rimrock and Turn Right (South) - Follow past the park we we are on the Left side (East).

720 NW Rimrock Redmond 540w

Follow along and keep an eye on progress if you can not see it for yourself.
You may also view our Custom Home Page for all the details.

10 September 2019

All the Interior finishes are completed and looking beautiful.

We take many more steps than what can be shared to assure your new home will be a Joy to Live in and a Pleasure to own.

Interior Finishes
05 September 2019

The exterior finishes are completed including new landscaping.

A multi-zone irrigation system has been installed to keep plantings and grass beautiful.

Exterior Finishes
19 August 2019

Another detail you will find in our homes may be the tongue and groove soffits.

We installed this after painting was complete to ensure this pre-stained product stays looking good.

tongue and groove soffit
17 August 2019

We try to take the precautions necessary to ensure all aspects of your new home stays looking new.

Can we prevent everything that may happen from happening?  Probably not, however....

corner protection
13 August 2019

The new cabinets are being installed.

And they look better and better as each unit is installed.

new cabinets
10 August 2019

Your home is your sanctuary, your retreat and your escape from the pressures of the world.

So why not enjoy the air you breathe in your home, knowing it is not bringing pollens, allergens or other impurities from the outdoors in?

Textured Grain Cabinets
09 August 2019

Irrigation lines have been laid for your automated watering system.

Top soil is now being placed for the new.....

Textured Grain Cabinets
08 August 2019

The Mitsubishi interior units were installed today and will provide proper heating and cooling all in one.

With 3 zones to keep your home at just the right comfort level.....

Textured Grain Cabinets
07 August 2019

Some may ask - "What's the big deal?  Why cover that beautiful floor?"

Well actually, we care enough about your new beautiful to cover and protect it with.....

Textured Grain Cabinets
02 August 2019

The flooring was completed today and looks great!

The lighting may make it look a little lighter than it is though.....

Textured Grain Cabinets
02 August 2019

Just working on a few minor touch-ups now that the exterior paint is completed today.

We've chosen the Sherwin Williams Super Paint in a satin finish.....

Textured Grain Cabinets
31 July 2019

Having the drywall finish completed with a hand trowel and smooth sand, it allows for just the right amount of texture to show through.

A beautiful look thoughout the home - including the garage!

Textured Grain Cabinets
30 July 2019

Keeping with the Prairie style home, there is plenty of hoizontal lines.

Using Hardi brand fiber cement board, you will enjoy many years of worry free siding.

Textured Grain Cabinets
24 July 2019

The cabinets have a beautiful grain texture in a vertical patern.

All of the doors and drawers will have the soft close feature.

Textured Grain Cabinets
19 July 2019

This is one example of how the AeroBarrier System seals your new home form any air movement in or out.

Regular caulks and sealants just may not produce the same finished results because AeroBarrier starts at the source and builds out producing a better seal from the source.

AreoBarrier Sealant Results
17 July 2019

It's pretty exciting to see the start of the AeroBarrier system being implemented today.

Not all builders are including this technological advancement into their home building envelope.

All homes needs sealed anyway - why not actually controll how efficient you desire your home comfort to be?  We do!

Pressurize the Home
15 July 2019

The drywall is installed and really taking shape from a visual perspective.

The first coat of seam taping starts next.

Drywall Installed
19 June 2019

Taking the time to install additional blocking is not that hard.

We choose to take the time to properly install the support blocking for Towel Bars, Towel Rings, Robe Hooks, and Toilet Paper Holders.

Even the cloths drying rod in the laundry room.

Robe Hook Blocking
17 June 2019

Providing more value for you the homeowner, and achieving a more comfortable and healthier living environment, the HVAC system works hard so you can really enjoy your living space.

The interior portion of the HVAC system is enclosed in an nicely sealed and accessable attic box.

HVAC  System Enclosure
11 June 2019

Architechtural roofing has been installed and looks great!  As well as Energy Efficient Milgard Windows meeting local energy codes and green building efficiency standards with an energy package tailored for our specific Central Oregon climate. 🌞☃️❄️

Roofing and Windows Installed
16 May 2019

Roof trusses are being installed, then roof sheeting next, followed by the roofing material. In a short time exterior changes will be happening pretty quickly? ?

Roof Trusses Being Installed
08 May 2019

The exterior walls are now in place and starting to take shape.  Next will be the interior walls and then the roof trusses. Are you ready to call this beautiful new home yours? ? ? - it will be ready before you know it.

Exterior Walls in Place
26 April 2019

We have the underfloor framing completed, plumbing being completed. Next week it all starts going vertical. A beautiful new home will be ready soon for a happy homeowner - might it be you??

Getting Ready to go Vertical
17 April 2019

Now that the foundation forms are removed we are prepping for back fill against the foundation walls, some trenching for utilities, then layout for concrete pads and also pour the garage floor.

02 April 2019

Foundation forms are getting set in place.  Figuring the front walkway to the porch, and the driveway slope, have been calculated and both will make an easy entrance into the home.

24 March 2019

Push out has started and fortunately we did not have to pound out any rock for the foundation. The general footprint of the home can now be visualized.

23 March 2019

Get ready to build!

After months of design and preparation awaiting for Phase 9 in Canyon Rim Village to become available, we are ready to go.  Pacific Ridge Homes is pleased to announce this Custom New Home in Redmond, Now Available for Pre-Sale.  A spacious single level home with a comfortable 1761 square feet.  Please continue to revisit our blog and catch a little more detail as to how construction is progressing.  Of course, you may view the specs and renderings of our custom home on our Custom Homes page.